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butterflykisses489 said: Please stop tagging your porn images as asexual. Ace tags are used as a sex-free zone for a lot of sex-repulsed and trauma-survivors. If we want porn we know where to look. We already see sex everywhere we go, let our sex free places stay sex free


Just got this message this morning;

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Finished and ready to ship Seraphim Helmet. One of a kind, cast urethane, hand painted mask. Clear coated and ready to wear. This one can fit a variety of head sizes! http://missmonster.myshopify.com/

Such a cool helmet from one of my favorite artists! Go follow her work if you don’t, she’s amazing. 

Thanks for the reblog, Holly! :D

For those asking: This isn’t from anything. It’s my own original design with influence from tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider plus my own aesthetic with a nod to everyone’s favorite adorable cyborg, Briareos. It started with a pencil sketch and was sculpted in clay. The final piece is cast in urethane. I just call it the Seraphim Helmet.

I sell kits for making your own here: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/

Please be sure to read everything in the helmet pre-order before you buy! They are made in limited numbers.

I will be offering more painted and ready to wear Seraphim Helmets soon. It takes a lot of time for me to paint one helmet so please be patient if you miss out on buying one! Keep an eye on my tumblr to know when another is up for grabs.

I do not take pre-orders for painted versions, they are offered as they are finished.

Glad people like them!


Anonymous master - Reliquary of the jaw of St. Anthony. Basilica di Santo Antonio, Padua. 1349


Anonymous master - Reliquary of the jaw of St. Anthony. Basilica di Santo Antonio, Padua. 1349

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Random random colors cause I just wanted to practice cel shading again. And whoa went too crazy with the curls on the bottom right. Texture from lostandtake.com

Some NSFW talk+imgs about sexuality (there’s no dongs or anything but the content can definitely make some people uncomfy) after the cut:

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Earl Foolish AW14 - Blodmagi preview

You can now preview the AW14 collection in the webshop. I’ve decided to push the release until wednesday (Sept 3rd). In the presale, all prices will be 20% off what you can see now, and it will last for two weeks. Product names and descriptions will most likely be change and/or updated.